Wedding Colour Palettes // Midnight Blue Wedding

// Midnight Blue //

I recently did a styled shoot based on this beautiful colour, salve at the gorgeous Millbridge Court, web with a host of fabulous wedding suppliers. Whilst I am dying to share the images with you (taken by the very talented Daria from Plenty to Declare) we are in the process of submitting them to a publication, so we need to keep them private for now. In the meantime, here is a colour palette post focussing on Midnight Blue.

This is a great colour for a wedding, and looks great in all seasons. Midnight Blue and copper or even grey looks fab for a winter wedding, or you can add peachy tones or coral in the summer. What do you think? Have you been to a Midnight Blue wedding?

This time, I have two moodboards for you, one is the same as usual, using a host of midnight blue inspired images, from patterns to home decor, to nail polish! But this time, I have also included a wedding board, giving you some direct ideas of how you can incorporate Midnight Blue into your wedding. Enjoy!

Midnight Blue Colour Palette.

Images via Pinterest 

Midnight Blue Wedding Moodboard

Images via Pinterest 

As ever, I hope you like these colour palette posts, and if there is any particular shade that you’d like to see featured, leave me a message in the comments below. If you’re planning to incorporate Midnight Blue into your wedding, I’d love to hear about your plans! For the photo credits, and more Midnight Blue-inspired images – please take a look at my Pinterest board or follow me on Pinterest for more colourful inspo @alexandriaev and I can not WAIT to share the images from our photoshoot with you soon 🙂

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Wedding Colour Palettes // Rose Gold Wedding

// Rose Gold //

I really enjoy creating these colour palette posts, mostly because I just LOVE Pinterest and can spend countless hours browsing for the perfect shades. This instalment is all about Rose Gold. This colour is so on trend at the moment, but it is also a really beautiful hue, store and can look gorgeous in winter, paired with a cool grey, or adding a bit of glitter to the equation. It is equally as soft and pretty, to be used in a Spring or Summer wedding, and looks amazing with white and green flowers. It is also a really easy colour to carry through your whole wedding journey, from stationery, to candles, to makeup, you can luxe it up, or dress it down for a more rustic feel. A rose gold wedding is a real beauty.


Collage of rose gold images, an Alexandria Events Colour Palette

As ever, I hope you like these colour palette posts, and if there is any particular shade that you’d like to see featured, leave me a message in the comments below. If you’re planning to have a rose gold wedding, I’d love to hear about your plans! For the photo credits, and more rose gold-inspired images – please take a look at my Pinterest board or follow me on Pinterest for more colourful inspo @alexandriaev

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Wedding Colour Palettes // Lavender Wedding

// Lavender //


This is one of my favourite colours, and I think it works really well in a wedding colour palette. It is especially beautiful for a summer wedding as Lavender is in season from May to August. It is a beautiful calming colour, and can be cool or warm, depending on what you pair it with. My advice for using lavender or lilac, is to mix it with other shades of purple, almost creating a bit of an ombre effect, or pair it with grey, to take off the ‘sickly sweet’ edge. It also looks absolutely heavenly with a deep forest green, and is perfect for a rustic, countryside, outdoorsy feel, if that is what you’re going for.


Moodboard full of lavender colour inspired images for a lavender wedding colour palette

Images: Pinterest

I hope you like these colour palette posts, and if there is any particular shade that you’d like to see featured, leave me a message in the comments below. If you’re planning to have a lavender wedding, I’d love to hear about your plans! For the photo credits, and more lavender-inspired images – please take a look at my Pinterest board or follow me on Pinterest for more colourful inspo @alexandriaev

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Wedding Inspiration // Bonfire Night // November Wedding

November Weddings

I absolutely love Autumn, and even though it is late in the season, I think Bonfire Night epitomises the lovely cosy feeling that Autumn brings. Not to mention that I adore fireworks.

As it is fast approaching, it got me thinking that Bonfire night traditions can actually be translated into lovely November wedding styling…let me show you how:


So I know that these are already really popular for a wedding send-off these days, and for a good reason. They are magical, fun, and make for gorgeous photos that you can look back on for years to come. Logistically they can be a bit of a pain (getting them all lit at the same time can be a nightmare) and I would certainly recommend the extra long ones, but I absolutely love them.

collage of sparklers images

Images via: Hola Mama, Polly Frances Elizabeth

Toffee Apples

They might pull your teeth out, and get your hands all sticky, but nothing says Bonfire Night like a toffee apple. I remember that they always looked far more appealing than they actually tasted, but they can make for a very pretty table favour for your guests at a November wedding, and are relatively easy to DIY as well. If that isn’t your thing, then you could always go for this toffee apple, date, and walnut cake – WOW!

collage of toffee apple images, and a toffee apple cake

Images via: Peter Geekie, Sainsburys Magazine, Waitrose

Cosy Blankets

Maybe your guests aren’t going to be sat outside on a chilly November evening, but cosy blankets can still come in handy You might want to have a stash at your church so your guests can keep warm while you say your ‘I Do’s’, later on, during your reception, having them dotted around will give a cosy and intimate feel, and those guests who aren’t killing it on the dance floor might appreciate them, especially the older ones. And I’m sure those who smoke will definitely appreciate grabbing one before they head out into the cold!

Collage of cosy blankets

Images via: Costal Cottage, My Ideal Home


Personally, I don’t really get the big deal about S’mores – but I do agree that they look cute, and would make a lovely little table favour, packaged like the image below.

Green boxes filled with s'mores ingredients

Image via: Bride and Breakfast


If you do have a venue where you’re allowed to have a bonfire – this could be a fun way to transition your guests from the afternoon reception to the night-time party. Who doesn’t love a campfire sing-a-long. You could ask your band to play a few acoustic tunes outside, and ask them, and your guests, to wrap up warm!


Images via: Steven Leonti, Christian GIdeon, What a Lovely Photo

Mulled Cider

Or any yummy warm drink works perfectly at a November wedding. See my blog post for some perfect winter warmer cocktail recipes.

Collage of winter cocktails, mulled wine, mulled cider, winter Pimm's

Images via: Jamie OliverShutterstockThe Pioneer Woman


And finally, the best part of all….Fireworks! I love them, especially when they are accompanied by an incredible soundtrack. For some reason, fireworks always give me a little lump in my throat, and if there is ever a good time to have a little sniffle, it is at the wedding of your nearest and dearest.


Collage of fireworks and firework displays

Images via: The Art of Accessories, Hellanne, Marcus Donner

I hope this has given you some November Wedding Inspiration, and I would love to hear from you if you’ve had, or are planning to have a November wedding, and what you’ve got planned!


A xx


Wedding Styling Inspiration // Ceilings

Sometimes  a venue just needs a little bit more oomph – and a great way to achieve this, is to decorate from the top down. Here are my tips for styling the ceiling at your venue:


There are so many amazing things you can do with flowers, oversized chandeliers, spherical globes, or my personal favourite (which I don’t know the technical name for) so I call it ‘upside down hanging silk flowers’ – catchy, I know. This is a trend that I think we’re going to see a lot of next season, and because the flowers are all silk, you can keep them after the wedding and they will serve as a beautiful reminder of your special day.

  Floral chandeliers at wedding receptions

Credits: (Clockwise L-R) Belle The Magazine, Becca Heuer Photography, Josh GruetzmacherLovely Wedding Mag

Hanging silk flowers from the ceiling at a wedding reception

Credits: (Clockwise L-R) Jasmine Jade Photography, Allan Zepeda, Michelle Edgemont


Industrial-chic is already really popular, and I think it is only going to go from strength to strength next season. You can hire amazing lighting from prop companies these days, perfect, if your venue is a little dark and needs a bit of a lift.

Festoon lighting at Wedding Receptions

 Credits: (L-R) Studio ImpressionsTaylor Lord, Bryce Covey

Chinese Lanterns

I love hanging lanterns, and they looks amazing as an ‘installation piece’ – concentrated in one particular area, with a variety of colours and heights. They also look great dotted around in trees at an outdoor reception, and look beautiful at night when the lights inside are switched on. These lanterns are great if you want to inject some colour into your wedding, they also look great interspersed with pom poms.

Colourful Chinese lanterns at wedding receptions.

Credits: (L-R) Camera Hannah, Wedding Window

Hanging chinese lanterns of various colours at wedding receptions

Credits: (L-R) Holly Clark, Ann Claire Brun

Ribbon Canopy

This can look really effective and you can essentially make your own ceiling. This is great for venues that are very high and you want to make a more cosy environment, or for a marquee where the ceiling is quite stark and boring.

Colourful ribbon canopies at wedding receptions

Credits: (L-R) Hillary Maybery, Alison ConklinThe Lane


Some people think that bunting has had it’s day but in the right setting it can still look super stylish. Steer clear of the vintage-y look and go for a bolder colour, pattern, or even shape, for a modern twist on this classic design. I love bunting outdoors, hung throughout trees, or in a rustic venues like barns.

Stylish and modern bunting at a wedding reception. Yellow and grey chevron and metallics

Credits: (L-R) Tara McMullenModern Kids Co

Twinkly Lights

An oldie but a goodie – there is something special about fairy lights, and they will always make a space look a little bit magical. These look great wrapped around beams or draped down along the contour of a marquee ceiling.

Fairy lights at wedding receptions

Credits: (Clockwise from top left) Indulgy, Etsy, Babb Photo, Raquel Sergio

Happy planning everyone! I hope you’ve enjoyed this installment of Wedding Styling Inspiration, and if you have any more questions about decor, or anything else wedding-related, pop me an email on

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