Colour Palettes // Seafoam


Ok, I admit I do have a bit of a Pinterest obsession, and lately I have really been enjoying creating colour palettes and moodboards. While styling weddings is my passion, I get most of my inspiration from every day objects, colours, prints, and designs. It is lovely to see colour used in a variety of ways, and is often a helpful way to see what colours complement each other. Hopefully I’m going to make this a weekly series, so if you would like to see more, let me know what colours you’d like me to feature, in the comments below.

Seafoam is a beautiful and luxurious ‘cool’ tone and would be a gorgeous base for a costal wedding, or something ultra modern and minimalistic. What do you think?

Seafoam colour palettes showing all different kinds of images with this shade, showing people how to style their wedding in this colour

For the photo credits, and more seafoam-inspired images – please take a look at my Pinterest board here or follow me on Pinterest for more colourful inspo @alexandriaev