Book Review: Girls in White Dresses – Jennifer Close

Book Review, 'Girls in White Dresses' by Jennifer Close, by Alexandria Events, book surrounded by a cup of tea and pink and yellow candy

I haven’t written a book review blog post yet, but it has been a while since I have read a good girly novel, so after my husband bought me this one for my birthday earlier this summer, I had to write a post about  Girls in White Dresses – by Jennifer Close

​I think he must have seen the front cover and thought it was ‘wedding-related’ so it was something that I would like! I don’t really get much time to read for fun these days, actually, not quite true..I don’t make time to read for fun these days, I always feel guilty when I sit down and read for a couple of hours as I usually have a ‘To Do’ list as long as my arm, waiting for me to return, but this one was such an easy read, I sped through it in no time, plus was I was helped by a few train journeys without any mobile signal!

​In some ways, the title, and the front cover, are a little deceptive, the book isn’t all about weddings. The majority of the story is about young, single women, from the point where they graduate from university, to jobs, boyfriends, weddings, and babies. It jumps from character to character in each chapter, so there isn’t a protagonist, which I liked, and you got to know all of the characters quite well, and they kept crossing paths in a clever way.

​Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t a particularly ‘intellectual’ read, nor are you going to have your mind blown, or have any life-changing epiphanies upon completion,  but there is something about the way that it is written that I found captivating.

As I said, I mostly read it on the train to and from London, and definitely got some funny looks at the ‘laugh out loud’ moments. some parts are really touching as well, and there are some parts that my former ‘single girl’ mind, definitely relates to. The characters are likeable, and infuriating at the same time, sometimes you want to hug them, other times you want to scream at them and tell them to stop being a complete idiot. Overall, it is a witty, fun, read, it would be perfect if you are looking for an easy read for your holidays, or daily commute.

I’d definitely recommend this one, let me know if you’ve read it yourself, or if this post encourages you to give it a go, let me know what you think!

Book Review, 'Girls in White Dresses' by Jennifer Close, by Alexandria Events, book open at the beginning of a chapter and surrounded by a cup of tea and pink and yellow candy


My top 5 ‘liked’ Instagram photos


I am absolutely in love with Instagram, I adore sharing images, and even more, ‘liking’ other people’s posts too. Being a small business, social media is a crucial tool, perhaps even more so, when you do such a visually creative job as wedding planning and styling. So I thought it would be interesting to go onto Iconosquare and check out what my top five most ‘liked’ Instagram posts ever are. Some of them seem obvious to me, others not so much, let me take you through them, and let me know what you think too.


5. A beautiful Afternoon Tea Wedding, by At Home Catering at Fetcham Park

Beautiful venue, beautiful table full of delicious afternoon tea goodies – it’s not hard to see why this image was popular, what wasn’t particularly great, was the quality of the image as I just took it on my iPhone and then played around with the brightness before posting. This is one of the reasons why I love Instagram, it is accessible for everyone and you don’t need to have professional photos all of the time, sometimes the content of the image just speaks for itself.


4. Roses hanging from the tree in our front garden

Flowers hanging from ribbons on a tree at Alexandria Event's own wedding in Hampshire

This is an image from my own wedding, the reason I am surprised that this one is up there, is because, although the image is lovely, they just looked even more beautiful in real life. I suppose to me, the photo doesn’t quite do justice to the reality. These particular roses are the handiwork of the fabulous Paula Rooney, and were the first thing that I saw when we pulled up to the house after our ceremony, seeing this image really transports me back to that day.


3. A beautiful bouquet by Nikki Tibbles

Beautiful Nikki Tibbles Wild at Heart bouquet, with pink and cream peonies and peach roses

So…if there is a pattern here, it has to be flowers, and no wonder, everyone loves a good flower photo, and people definitely liked this one. Nikki very kindly gave this to me as a gift after a meeting that we had a couple of months ago, and without a doubt, it is one of the most beautiful bouquets I have ever received. The colours are amazing, there is a lovely variety of textures, and shapes, it was just an absolute beaut. So kind of her, and I am so glad that the people of Instagram loved it as much as I did.


2. The confetti shot

Alexandria Events, UK based wedding planner, gets married in her local church. Confetti shot outside the church with bridesmaids and flower girls

This is one of my all time favourite photos. It is from mine and Ty’s wedding, and was just a candid shot taken by one of our friends outside the church. The reason I love it so much is that it is just such a natural and happy photograph full of all of my favourite people. Those of you that are already married will recognise the feeling of absolute elation that you feel just after your ceremony and I think this photo really captures this perfectly.


1. Mini eggs!

Cadbury's mini eggs in a china bowl, and edible flowers, designed by Alexandria Events, UK based wedding planner , for a styled shoot at Oakley Hall Hotel

So this one did baffle me a bit, it is a pretty shot that I took behind-the-scenes of a styled shoot that I organised earlier this year, but it certainly isn’t anything special. I love mini eggs and I love pastel colours, and pretty mini flowers, so I decided to take a little snap, and I guess other people do too! You can see the proper images from this shoot, by the fantastic Jacques from Real Simple Photography, here or on the English Wedding Blog


I’d love to see your favourite Instagram pics – or the most popular ones on  your feed too! If you want to see what I’m up to on Instagram – I’m @alexandriaevents
A x


Colour Palettes // Seafoam


Ok, I admit I do have a bit of a Pinterest obsession, and lately I have really been enjoying creating colour palettes and moodboards. While styling weddings is my passion, I get most of my inspiration from every day objects, colours, prints, and designs. It is lovely to see colour used in a variety of ways, and is often a helpful way to see what colours complement each other. Hopefully I’m going to make this a weekly series, so if you would like to see more, let me know what colours you’d like me to feature, in the comments below.

Seafoam is a beautiful and luxurious ‘cool’ tone and would be a gorgeous base for a costal wedding, or something ultra modern and minimalistic. What do you think?

Seafoam colour palettes showing all different kinds of images with this shade, showing people how to style their wedding in this colour

For the photo credits, and more seafoam-inspired images – please take a look at my Pinterest board here or follow me on Pinterest for more colourful inspo @alexandriaev


Bridal Beauty by Alexandria Events

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Recently I have been loving Kylie McMichael’s Beauty Classes and it has got me thinking about bridal beauty. Everyone wants to look their best on their wedding day and the bridal beauty world can seem quite intimidating to begin with, so here are my top tips (and top products) to help you out.

1. Choose your makeup artist and hair stylist and have a trial early

I learned the hard way that sometimes, people can’t live up to what they claim, and I actually had to sack my first MUA as she let me down more than once and it became increasingly apparent that, while her skills were excellent, she wasn’t going to be able to cope with the number of people that needed makeup and hair on the day. Even when I pointed out that she was going to need an assistant, she flat out refused, so I just lost all confidence in her, she then failed to turn up to an appointment we had made, and for me that was the final straw. Luckily I found the AMAZING Dena from Makeup by Miki and Stacey Austin and just fell in love with them both. They are both just really calm and cool, fun, and talented, exactly the kind of people you want around on your wedding day!

They also both listened to me, found out exactly what I wanted for the day, asked sensible questions about what my dress was like and the overall style of the wedding day. You need people to care about more than just their portion of the wedding day, and understand how everything needs to gel together.

Alexandria Events own wedding day, Dena Naji is doing Alexandria's makeup

Image by Mark Seymour 

You also need to listen to them too though, good MUAs and hairdressers seriously know their stuff, and even if you think you know what you want, be open to suggestions. The most important things on your wedding day, in my opinion, are:

– That you feel gorgeous
– That you feel like ‘you’
– Comfort
– That everything stays put ALL Day

2. Choose a special fragrance for the day

I decided to buy a brand new perfume for our wedding day and I am so glad that I did. Smells really evoke memories for me and now, every time I wear that scent it transports me back to that day. I went to Jo Malone to have a consultation before our wedding and actually decided upon a scent pairing of Grapefruit and Oud and Bergamot. I love both fragrances separately, as well as together and it has kind of become my signature scent now and it is easy for my husband to buy me presents now as he can build up my collection, with the accompanying body washes, dry oils, lotions, candles – the list is endless!

Jo Malone perfumes for wedding day memories

Image from Bloomingdales

3. Get prepared!
This can mean different things to different people but for me, this meant:

Teeth Whitening
Obviously this isn’t a priority for everyone but it was something I had wanted to do for a while and thought, what better time to get sparkly white teeth! I started my whitening treatment about 6 months before our wedding date. I did the Zoom At Home programme, where your dentist creates bespoke molds for your teeth and then you wear them with the whitening bleach for 2-3 hours each evening for about two weeks. I then did a ‘top up’ a couple of weeks before the wedding and just did 2 or 3 days. I would say that this can make your teeth (and gums actually) really sensitive so make sure you don’t do it too close to the date. Even if you’re not into teeth whitening, but want to add a bit of sparkle, you can have an appointment with your Hygienist a week or so before the wedding so that they can give your teeth a good scrub!

Regular Hair Appointments
I am the kind of girl that usually gets their hair cut once or twice a year but I thought, if my hair is going to look its best on our wedding day, I need to give it a bit more love! I made sure I had a trim every six weeks and I did really notice the difference. It definitely had more bounce and shine, and overall just looked so much healthier.

Again, this is definitely not an essential, but I decided to have a few facials in the months leading up to our wedding. I have such dry skin and it is an absolute nightmare to look after sometimes so I thought I would give myself a fighting chance by letting the experts work their magic on it. It was also just a lovely little luxury in the lead up to the wedding when I could just relax and stop thinking about table plans and orders of service for an hour! I find that facials are really expensive and I can’t really justify them to myself now that the wedding is over, so I like to have little pamper sessions at home with lovely relaxing bubble baths with my favourite oils and bath bombs, whack on a face pack and grab a good book.

Skincare in general
Facials can only do so much, and what is more important, is that you look after your skin on a regular basis. Cleansing, and taking your makeup off every night is so important and there are so many easy-to-use products now that there really is no excuse not to! That brings me onto moisturisation – at the moment, I am trying out Philosophy products and I have to say, so far, so good… I start a spritz of rose water (not from philosophy, just a cheap brand I found on Amazon), then follow with the ‘When Hope is Not Enough’ facial oil and rub really well into my face, concentrating on my driest areas (usually nose and in between my eyebrows) and then follow up with their ‘Hope in a Jar’ which I love! It is quite thin but this means that it goes a long way. I used to think I needed much thicker, richer creams for my dryness but actually, this is brilliant and I suppose the ingredients are more important than texture? Let me know if you have any miracle products for very dry skin – I’d love to know!

Hope in a Jar by Philosophy

Image by Philosophy

As I mentioned before – I have dry skin, so in order to get close to silky smooth skin, I need to scrub and polish like there is no tomorrow! My favourite body scrub is the REN Morrocan Rose Oil but there are so many out there to choose from. For skin like mine, I always prefer an oil based scrub, so that it moisturises and exfoliates at the same time. You can even make up your own at home with olive oil and sugar or salt. I try to scrub at least once a week anyway but made an extra special effort in the lead up to the wedding, and then followed it up with a body oil – I especially like the Garnier Body Ultimate Beauty Oil (and it is really reasonably priced too!)

Lemon body scrub

So, if you’re engaged already, you will already know that people want to see your hands, or more specifically, your left one! Pretty fingernails are a must on your wedding day. I went for a french manicure, using Shellac, but actually, I wish I had gone for a colour, maybe even a bold pink or red. I also find that Shellac french manicures never last as long as a block colour and even chipped a bit on my honeymoon which was really disappointing.

French manicure

Image from Pretty Designs

Fake Tan
This is going to be a contentious one because I know that not everyone likes or wears tan, or you might wear it now and again but the idea of wearing it alongside a white dress fills you with dread! I am naturally very pale so always like to have a bit of colour, but was terrified of a) looking too brown (or orange) against my ivory gown, or, even worse, a bit rubbing off onto it. I toyed with the idea of having a professional spray tan but all of the ones I tested were just wayyyy too dark for me and after a few days, although they faded to a more natural colour, they became a bit patchy (that bloody dry skin again!) despite all of my moisturising efforts. Eventually I decided to just do a light layer of Dove Summer Glow for about 3-4 days in the lead up to our wedding, making sure that I gently exfoliated and moisturised every day too. It was definitely the best decision for me as I was exactly the colour that I wanted to be on the big day.

I hope this post has been helpful and do let me know your bridal beauty must-haves in the comments below!

A x


Spring Styled Shoot at Oakley Hall

Hello everyone!

I am really excited to share this shoot with you. It was such a fun project to work on, and I met some great suppliers, not only because of their talent (which there is buckets of!) but were also lovely, friendly, and professional to work with. We held the shoot at Oakley Hall , a beautiful wedding venue and hotel, in Hampshire. Their grounds are fabulous and our photographer Jacques was spoilt for choice with shoot locations.

I wanted to create a fresh, floral, and floaty overall look for the day. Originally I was thinking of all pastel and ice cream colours, but when Paul, our florist, said he could get bold blue hydrangeas – I knew that we needed to incorporate them somehow, and they really became the focal point in terms of flowers. This is one of the reasons it is sooo important to talk to your florist about what you would like for your big day. They truly are experts, and can help you choose the perfect blooms for your colour scheme, and the time of the year.

Here are some of my favourite images from the day, and check out my Portfolio page for more, as well as a list of all of the suppliers involved:
You can see more images on my Portfolio page as well as a list of all of the suppliers involved and links to their website. We were also lucky enough to get it featured on the English Wedding Blog – click here to see more:


Kids At Weddings

One of the big questions that couples face when planning their wedding is whether or not to invite children. It is a really personal decision, and a number of factors can come into play, such as the type of venue, guest numbers, and of course, budget. However, if you do decide to include little ones on your big day, here are a few ways to entertain them:

Pink and Yellow Candy Floss on wooden sticks, placed in clear glasses on a white tray, on a pink table. Ideal for children at a wedding. Alexandria Events, Alexandria Schiefner, bespoke wedding planner in Surrey, Hampshire, and London

Image from Weddingful

Give them a job

The most obvious was to get kids involved in your wedding day is to give them a role. The traditional choice, is to ask them to be Flower Girls or Page Boys, but even if this isn’t your cup of tea – it can be as simple as helping to give out Orders of Service or bags of confetti at the church, or even doing a reading if they are old and confident enough. Later on in the day, they can even be given ‘made up jobs’ like ‘being the best dancer’ or ‘making sure that they have the biggest smile on the photos’. 

Two Flowergirls and one Page Boy dressed in Little Bevan outfits. The girls are wearing traditional ivory dresses, one with a pink sash and the other with pale green. The little boy is wearing traditional clothing, including a pair of green sailor shorts, an ivory Mandarin shirt, and a pair of patent black buckle shoes. Alexandria Events, Alexandria Schiefner, bespoke wedding planner in Surrey, Hampshire, and London

Image from Little Bevan

Cameras and a ‘shots list’

A great idea, is to put a disposable camera on each of the children’s place settings along with a list of images you want them to capture, like ‘people kissing’ or ‘someone laughing’. Not only will it keep them busy, it will also provide you with a host of wedding images from a ‘kids eye view’.

Little boy wearing a casual linen waistcoat and trousers, with a polaroid camera at a weddiing. Wearing a sign around his neck saying 'Mini Official Photographer'  Image found on Rock My Wedding Alexandria Events, Alexandria Schiefner, bespoke wedding planner in Surrey, Hampshire, and London

Image from Rock My Wedding

Child friendly food

The main time when the parents really appreciate a bit of peace and quiet at a wedding, is while they sit down to eat. Therefore, it is important to put some thought into what you feed the little ones, just as you have for your grown up guests. Kids definitely eat with their eyes, so ask your caterers to make a fun menu for them that is visually appealing. Lots of little bites and treats may be a better option than a full meal, and hopefully the variety will mean that even the pickiest of eaters will find something they like.

Lots of child-friendly wedding food, including fries and tomato ketchup in shot glasses, milk and cookies,  mini hot dogs with ketchup and mustard, , chocolate milkshakes with stripy straws, sliders, mini burgers, pancake stacks with blueberries,  and tomato soup and grilled cheese Alexandria Events, Alexandria Schiefner, bespoke wedding planner in Surrey, Hampshire, and London

Image from Indulgy

Decorate their table

I always think it is nicer to give children their own table, rather than seat them with their parents. Everyone wins – mums and dads get to enjoy ‘grown up time’, and kids get to have fun and feel rather grown up. Obviously there might be some children who are too young for this, but you can always ask their parents what they think. This also gives you the opportunity to get creative with the kids table. There are lots of ways to make it look special without foregoing your overall colour scheme. Bubblegum Balloons are beautiful and fun at the same time, – and don’t have to be confined to the kid’s area! You can scatter the table with sequins and glitter, leave little present parcels on each seat with crayons, sweeties, and activity books (there are even some available free of charge online these days).

Children's activity books and crayons in multicolours for weddings. Little boxes with pencils, sweets and toys. Alexandria Events, Alexandria Schiefner, bespoke wedding planner in Surrey, Hampshire, and London

Image from Ruffled Blog

Toys and Games

Kids like fun, and fun means toys. If you’re holding part of your reception outside, you can hire giant garden games like Connect Four and Ring Toss that will be appealing to both children and adults alike. For later on in the day, you can buy little ‘party bag’ toys and games to put on the kids table (as mentioned above), they don’t have to be expensive and can best be found in 99p shops or similar.

Rustic Pink Ring Toss in a whitewashed crate for fun and games at a wedding. Alexandria Events, Alexandria Schiefner, bespoke wedding planner in Surrey, Hampshire, and London

Image from Huffington Post

Children’s Entertainers

There are lots of people that you can call upon to come and entertain the kids, from magicians, to caricaturists, to people dressed up as their favourite Disney characters. While this might be pricier than a packet of crayons and some colouring in books, if you have a large number of children attending, it might be worth it.

Multicoloured stripy Hula Hoops laid on grass. Alexandria Events, Alexandria Schiefner, bespoke wedding planner in Surrey, Hampshire, and London

Image from Style Me Pretty

A chill out area just for kids

Lets face it – weddings can be tiring for adults, never mind children! We’ve all got to the end of a fantastic day, kicked our shoes off, and sunk into bed. Little ones can feel the urge to curl up and snooze far earlier in the evening, so if you can, create a ‘chill out zone’ for them to cuddle up and calm down. This is sometimes easier when you have a marquee wedding at home, as you can dedicate a lounge inside the house, as a ‘kids area’ where you can stick on a DVD, or even put up a little tipi or tent in the garden. This can be trickier when you have hired out a venue but there may be ways that you can work around this so it is worthwhile chatting to your venue co-ordinator to see what they can accommodate.

Mini Rustic Tipi for children at a wedding with lots of cushions and  boxes of cosy blankets, and bunting. Alexandria Events, Alexandria Schiefner, bespoke wedding planner in Surrey, Hampshire, and London

Image from Mokkasin

For more ‘Kids at Weddings’ inspiration – head to our Pinterest board Kids At Weddings.

Thanks for reading, hope this has given you some child-friendly wedding inspiration! Would love to hear what you think in the comments section below 🙂 

A x


The Quintessentially Wedding Atelier


Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending the fabulous Quintessentially Wedding Atelier at Two Temple Place. Having been to the event before, no rx at Somerset House, I already had high expectations, but I have to say, it was truly spectacular.


On entry we were greeted by the very cool team from Holy Water, who create the most incredible bespoke cocktails that would be perfect for any event. The drinks below are a combination of gin, pomegranate, and another secret ingredient, topped off with an edible rose petal, a blueberry, and apple sherbet.



From there, we were spoilt for choice with the likes of Phillipa Lepley and Vivienne Westwood, showcasing their stunning array of bridal gowns, to spectacular floristry from Wild At Heart, Juliet Glaves, and of course, the wonderful Paula Rooney. There was even an a carpet of real grass, that took you down to the Gina Conway Salon. As well as delivering relaxing hand massages and hair styling, the team were also launching their Privé service which offers hair, beauty and make up, as well as yoga and Pilates at your home, office or hotel room – amazing!


As Paula, and Nicki Macfarlane, were both involved in my own wedding, it was lovely to have a catch up with them, and share some images of our special day.


Image by Mark Seymour


It was especially nice to meet more unusual suppliers, such as Sammy Aki, The Groom Style Consultant, who focuses on putting together exceptional outfits for men on their wedding day. It is about time the guys got a bit pampered I think! This kind of service is something that I think could really take off, grooms want to impress as much as the brides on their big day!


I was also blown away by the delightful cocktail and petit four pairing from Caper and Berry – I could have spent my whole afternoon sampling their creations. My particular favourite was the Bellini/Profiterole combination – simply stunning!



I could go on (and on and on) about how lovely the whole day was, but instead, I would just encourage you to go yourselves! A must for any bride (or groom!) to be! The next event will be held at Somerset House on 10th and 11th of April – tickets are available on request by emailing  See you there!


Back to School…The Life of a Wedding Planner

Cute Pencils with hearts, <a href= viagra 100mg Back to School Blog, visit this Alexandria Events Luxury Bespoke Wedding Planner” width=”900″ height=”900″ />

When I decided to set up my own wedding business, I knew the best way to learn more and improve, was to spend time with the experts – people who had already established successful careers in the industry. 

I have been doing this in a variety of ways, from assisting top wedding planner, Andri Benson, from Always Andri, to developing relationships with other wonderful wedding suppliers and coming together to plan a very special styled shoot (we will reveal all soon….)

But as well as hands on experience and learning by example, I do love to sit in a classroom and learn. I’ve always been this way, my husband actually calls me a nerd, and even though he says it to tease me, I actually quite like it!

So off the back of that, I started researching the different courses and opportunities out there for Wedding Planners, and the first thing that I realised is that there are A LOT! I’m sure all of them have their own merits, but the one the appealed to me was ‘The Life of a Wedding Planner’ Course, run by Dominique Douglas, owner of Stylish Events. This was because:

a) it seemed excellent value for money (£99 for a whole day’s workshop!) 

b) I liked how it was described – ‘the life of a wedding planner’ seemed to be exactly what I wanted to know about, all of the ins and outs

c) after looking at the Stylish Events website, it looked like the kind of successful company that I wanted to know more about and learn from. 

So I hopped on the train to Canary Wharf, with my notebook and pencils, ready to absorb every snippet of information that I possibly could. I was not disappointed…It was such a valuable day from start to finish. There were only five of us in the group, which made it really friendly and intimate, and the way that Dominique had formatted the day meant that we spent a good chunk of the morning getting to know each other, finding out everyone’s motivations for being there, and where they were up to in their wedding career ‘journey’. We then went on to discuss all aspects of wedding planning, from how and where to get clients, to how create useful spreadsheets, invoices, and contracts. Everything was covered, and if it wasn’t Dominique was more than happy to answer any of our questions, and made us comfortable to ask them (even the silly ones!).

Overall it was a great experience, and I would recommend it to anyone who is thinking about becoming a planner, whatever stage you are at, it’s worth it! I left feeling really inspired and confident that I am capable of achieving my dreams! 

Audrey Hepburn quote, Back to School, Life of a Wedding Planner, Alexandria Events Luxury Bespoke Wedding Planner


Fabulous Sample Sale at the White House Boutique

Well, doctor it is nearly here, two weeks today I am getting married!

As you an imagine, as the bride AND the wedding planner, I have been busy with all of the last minute details, dress fittings, and catch ups with suppliers, but I just wanted to write one more quick post before I sign off for the next couple of weeks for wedding and honeymoon!!

Olympia Dress, wedding dress, Alexandria Events Luxury Bespoke Wedding Planner, The White House,  Alresford, Hampshire
The Olympia Dress (Image by Ritva Westenius)

My lovely friend Zoe, who runs the gorgeous White House bridal boutique in Alresford, got in touch with me today to let me know about their fabulous sample sale that will be running throughout the month of September (or until stocks run out – as I suspect they might!).

Ibiza Dress wedding dress, Alexandria Events Luxury Bespoke Wedding Planner, The White House,  Alresford, Hampshire
The Ibiza Dress (Image by Ritva Westenius)

The White House is absolutely divine and has a fabulous collection of very special dresses, including some from the award winning Ritva Westenius. They also have a beautiful collection of dresses for flower girls and have recently launched their bridesmaids collection – so they really are your bridal party one stop shop! Book an appointment with Zoe on 01962 738608 or visit the White House website.

Cadogan Dress wedding dress, Alexandria Events Luxury Bespoke Wedding Planner, The White House,  Alresford, Hampshire
The Cadogan Dress (Image by Ritva Westenius)


Snap Happy – A guide to finding the perfect wedding photographer, by Alexandria Events

Choosing a wedding photographer can be tricky business. On top of the fact that you’re trusting someone to capture one of the most special days of your life, viagra you also have to spend a significant amount of time with them throughout your wedding day, information pills so you need to get it right. Making the right choice is a deeply personal decision, sick and most of the time you do just get a ‘feeling’ about someone, the same way that you do with people in your personal or professional life.

Here are some top tips, on what we think is important when making your choice:

1. Start searching early! Make choosing your photographer a priority (once you have secured your date of course). Give yourselves ample time to shop around, trawl the websites, and check out all of their online galleries, shortlist your favourites, and then start contacting them! Here at Alexandria Events we know some incredible photographers and would love to help you with your shortlisting – contact us here

Lorraine Clare Photography, wedding photographer, wedding photography, Alexandria Events Luxury Bespoke Wedding Planner

2. Meet face-to-face, unless they live at the other end of the country, there is no reason why they can’t do this. If they say that they are too busy – do you really want a wedding photographer who can’t find the time to meet you? Skype and Facetime can work too, but it is  important to build a rapport with your photographer. They should be willing to meet at a time and place that is convenient for you.

Snap Happy - A guide to finding the perfect wedding photographer, by Alexandria Events


3. Word of Mouth –  ask friends and family who they have used and if they would recommend them. It is far more reassuring to get this information from someone you know and trust, than any ‘kind words’ on suppliers websites.

Lorraine Clare Lorraine Clare Photography, wedding photographer, wedding photography, Alexandria Events Luxury Bespoke Wedding Planner

4. Ask lots of questions – when you meet up, come armed with a list of things that you want to know. This will tell you a lot about their professionalism and flexibility, whether they are willing to work around what you want, and whether you ‘get’ each other.

Lorraine Clare Lorraine Clare Photography, wedding photographer, wedding photography, Alexandria Events Luxury Bespoke Wedding Planner

5. Ask to see their previous work – this seems obvious, but if they are showing you picture after picture of the same wedding, ask to see something else. Even if they have only shot a handful of weddings, a keen photographer will have plenty of other material (portraits/landscapes/reportage) that they should be able to show you. Everyone has to start somewhere – I know that from personal experience! But do you really want to risk being their ‘guinea pig’? Which leads me onto my next point…

Lorraine Clare Lorraine Clare Photography, wedding photographer, wedding photography, Alexandria Events Luxury Bespoke Wedding Planner

6. Have an engagement shoot! When these first started to become popular, I was a bit dubious myself, and thought the idea was a bit ‘cheesy’ but having had one myself, and talking to other brides – I think that they are crucial. Not many of us are totally relaxed in front of a camera, so an engagement shoot allows you to get used to it before the big day. It also helps you to see how  your photographer works, and gives them the opportunity to get to know you better too. Let them know what you do and don’t like, and learn about posing, and what looks good from them. It is their job to make you feel comfortable and relaxed, and most of the brilliant photographers that I know are experts at this.


All images by Lorraine Claire – a talented photographer and very good friend. Lorraine and I are in the process organising a very special styled shoot this winter, along with our team of fantastic suppliers – watch this space for more details!


A x