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November Weddings

I absolutely love Autumn, and even though it is late in the season, I think Bonfire Night epitomises the lovely cosy feeling that Autumn brings. Not to mention that I adore fireworks.

As it is fast approaching, it got me thinking that Bonfire night traditions can actually be translated into lovely November wedding styling…let me show you how:


So I know that these are already really popular for a wedding send-off these days, and for a good reason. They are magical, fun, and make for gorgeous photos that you can look back on for years to come. Logistically they can be a bit of a pain (getting them all lit at the same time can be a nightmare) and I would certainly recommend the extra long ones, but I absolutely love them.

collage of sparklers images

Images via: Hola Mama, Polly Frances Elizabeth

Toffee Apples

They might pull your teeth out, and get your hands all sticky, but nothing says Bonfire Night like a toffee apple. I remember that they always looked far more appealing than they actually tasted, but they can make for a very pretty table favour for your guests at a November wedding, and are relatively easy to DIY as well. If that isn’t your thing, then you could always go for this toffee apple, date, and walnut cake – WOW!

collage of toffee apple images, and a toffee apple cake

Images via: Peter Geekie, Sainsburys Magazine, Waitrose

Cosy Blankets

Maybe your guests aren’t going to be sat outside on a chilly November evening, but cosy blankets can still come in handy You might want to have a stash at your church so your guests can keep warm while you say your ‘I Do’s’, later on, during your reception, having them dotted around will give a cosy and intimate feel, and those guests who aren’t killing it on the dance floor might appreciate them, especially the older ones. And I’m sure those who smoke will definitely appreciate grabbing one before they head out into the cold!

Collage of cosy blankets

Images via: Costal Cottage, My Ideal Home


Personally, I don’t really get the big deal about S’mores – but I do agree that they look cute, and would make a lovely little table favour, packaged like the image below.

Green boxes filled with s'mores ingredients

Image via: Bride and Breakfast


If you do have a venue where you’re allowed to have a bonfire – this could be a fun way to transition your guests from the afternoon reception to the night-time party. Who doesn’t love a campfire sing-a-long. You could ask your band to play a few acoustic tunes outside, and ask them, and your guests, to wrap up warm!


Images via: Steven Leonti, Christian GIdeon, What a Lovely Photo

Mulled Cider

Or any yummy warm drink works perfectly at a November wedding. See my blog post for some perfect winter warmer cocktail recipes.

Collage of winter cocktails, mulled wine, mulled cider, winter Pimm's

Images via: Jamie OliverShutterstockThe Pioneer Woman


And finally, the best part of all….Fireworks! I love them, especially when they are accompanied by an incredible soundtrack. For some reason, fireworks always give me a little lump in my throat, and if there is ever a good time to have a little sniffle, it is at the wedding of your nearest and dearest.


Collage of fireworks and firework displays

Images via: The Art of Accessories, Hellanne, Marcus Donner

I hope this has given you some November Wedding Inspiration, and I would love to hear from you if you’ve had, or are planning to have a November wedding, and what you’ve got planned!


A xx


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